Features Parameters

Model T6200 series
Display LCD, 20 mm X 20 mm 2 lines
Displayed parameters
– ABPM mode Systolic pressure in mmHg
Diastolic pressure in mmHg
Pulse rate in beats/minutes
– PWA mode Pulsation bar
Memory (For ABPM) 96 blocks of waveform readings
Reading cycle time (For ABPM) 8 to 10 seconds
Measurement range
– Blood pressure 40 to 280 mmHg
– Pulse rate 30 to 180 beats/minute
Power source 3V CR 2032 coin battery
Battery life 1 – 6 months depending on usage
Buttons Five buttons1. Mode
2. Light
3. Forward
4. Reverse
5. BP
Operating Principles
Measurement method Modified arteries applanation tonometry
Measurement site Radial artery at the wrist (Left or Right)
Calibration method Oscillometric, performs prior to use
Size and Weight
Size – Watch head 44mm W X 51mm L X 19mm H
Size – Sensor housing 32mm W X 38mm L X 16mm H
Weight 20 grams
Operating conditions 10 to 40ºC, 15 to 90% relative humidity (non-condensing).80 to 106kPa atmospheric pressure
Regulatory compliance FDA, CE, SFDA, TGA, HSA
BP Calibrators, blood pressure cuff Regular adult, for arm circumferences 21 to 30 cm. Included with system. Optional: Large adult, for arm circumferences from 29 to 42 cm.