Dr. Milner is a Professor of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Medicine and is the CEO and medical director of the Center for Natural Medicine (CNM), Inc. in Portland, Oregon. He is world renowned for his natural treatment protocols for heart disease, menopause and hypothyroidism. He specialises in pulmonary medicine and used L-arginine therapy even prior to the Nobel Prize award for the discovery of the role of Nitric Oxide as a signalling molecule.
Dr. Milner has evolved a very effective protocol using amino acids and nutritional co-factors in the management of neurotransmitter deficiency diseases. He published several articles in medical journals.
Dr. Milner has treated over 25,000 patients with heart disease from USA, Western Europe, Japan, South America, Pakistan, India, Africa and Australia. He also supervised The Heart and Lung Wellness program engaging medical students and patients in collaborative, complementary and alternative health care of cardiovascular, pulmonary disease and primary care conditions.