Dr. Joseph Prendergast has been a practicing physician for over 30 years and published nearly 40 medical articles in the Journal of the American Medical Association, The New England Journal of Medicine and Diabetes Care. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine as well as Endocrinology and Metabolism. In 1986, Dr. Prendergast formed the Endocrine Metabolic Medical Centre (a single speciality endocrinology practice) and The Pacific Medical Research Foundation (a non-profit research foundation). In 1999 Dr Joe founded DiabetesWell and is a strong proponent of l-arginine in therapy of such health problems as diabetes, arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis.

Dr Joe Speaks on Power of L-arginine

Dr. Joseph Prendergast rose above his own personal hardship and illness to then bring this knowledge to the world and become California’s Premier Endocrinologist. He has also been awarded the title “Father of The Year” by the American Diabetes Association since he was responsible for helping to save the lives of 7,200 of his patients. None of them had to be admitted to hospital for further complications due to diabetes and none suffered a stroke or heart attack. Dr. Joe is the creator of ProArgi-9 Plus formula which includes organic L-arginine, L-citrulline, Vitamin D3 and Resveratrol – all well-known health boosters.

Dr Joe Speaks on L-arginine Therapy

Dr Joseph Prendergast comments on a medical paper describing benefits of nitric oxide (NO):
* In the brain – NO acts as a Neurotransmitter.
* In the immune system – NO plays a mediator role in the body defence against infection.
* In the cardiovascular system – NO reverses atherosclerosis, angina and other cardiovascular conditions.
Dr Joe also discusses the daily amount of L-arginine needed and observes “asymmetrical  dimethylarginine  (ADMA)”. By measuring the levels of ADMA and arginase in the blood plasma, one can determine how much L-arginine supplementation is needed to have a beneficial effect.

L-arginine and Cancer

L-arginine by itself does not treat or reduce cancer cells in any way. However it can assist in existing treatments since it increases blood supply to the tumorous area and can assist in the quick delivery of actual cancer treatment drugs to the areas where they are needed to destroy the cancer cells. Dr Joe supports the argument that L-arginine’s role in assisting actual cancer treatments can be widely recognised.

L-arginine in Cancer Therapy

Dr Joe is delighted by news suggesting that L-arginine can be used as the Trojan Horse in cancer therapy. L-arginine is a natural amino-acid therefore its molecule is recognized as “food” by the cells. As a result, the cell protection system does not resist its penetration through the cell’s membrane. This fact can be utilised in cancer treatment – surrounded with L-arginine the medicine can pass through the cell wall without rejection thus a cancer drug can be delivered to the place where it is needed.

Dr Joe Speaks About Kidney Problems

Dr Joseph Prendergast discusses kidney problems by explaining kidney failure in diabetes cases and how blood flow relates to this condition. He particularly stresses that use of Vitamin D and Arginine can help to reverse kidney conditions as well as help patients who are on Dialysis (an imperfect treatment to replace kidney function). In this connection, Dr Joe suggests to use the whole Synergy’s “Vital 3” system: ProArgi-9 Plus, Core Greens (Phytolife) and Mistica (Mistify) to accomplish effect.

Dr Joe Explains Type I and II Diabetes and the Benefits of L-arginine Therapy

Dr Joseph Prendergast stresses that the most effective way to combat the complications of Diabetes is to take daily L-arginine which can help to restore the metabolic process in the body. In addition it is vital to get vitamin D (which is impotant to maintain the integrity of arteries) and the richness of chlorophyll and an anti-oxidant supplement in order to build up a higher level of alkalinity in the body.